Creating Powerful Sales Proposals

Want to minimize multiple bid situations? Want an unfair advantage over your competition that is not only free but allows you to charge at the level you deserve?

A sales proposal should NOT be defined by contracts, limitations, warnings, and job-specific comments.  All of that may be part of it, but this is NOT what a sales proposal is about.  It’s about being a sales proposal.  It defines what is different about you.  It is your silent sales professional that stays in their living room after you have left.  And they will look at it quite a lot after you leave, even if you got something signed (ever get that rescission call the next day?).

An effective sales call should end with the best commitment possible.  Sometimes the commitment can be no more than an agreement to a very specific next step at a specific time.  Sometimes it can be no better than a Letter of Intent signed by the customer.  Sometimes it can be a Professional Service Agreement, sometimes a PSA with a check and sometimes a signed contract.  Because of the many scenarios for getting a commitment, the sales proposal must be fitted into the right place for that situation.

Here are three powerful, game-winning sales proposal tips:

  1. Include a box on the top of the first page with the label: Important Things! In this box show 1 to 3 items that you learned so far that are unique and important to this potential customer. For example, if Fido can’t be let out of the house – put that in the box. If the potential customer has a certain Fear, Uncertainty or Doubt (FUDs), such as they worry a lot about views out the windows of the new addition – note it. If they have a granite fireplace that they love and cherish – add a note to go to the max to protect it. If they have cars in the garage that they care a lot about, make that note. The object here is simply to let them know that you heard them, you paid attention to what their fears and concerns are.  No other competitor of yours is likely to do this and it means a lot.
  2. Create a reusable page(s) (boilerplate) on how the whole process works; step by step.  They don’t know and you will reduce their stress and increase their confidence in dealing with you.  This section should include names and phone numbers and contact guidelines.
  3. Show a page(s) of references, perhaps with pictures.  This can be a boilerplate section so no work is involved for each sales proposal.

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