Truly Profitable Businesses Start Here

Truly Profitable Businesses Start Here

The Aspire Business Mastery Program

The Aspire Business Mastery Program

Rewards Your True Worth as a High-Value Service Business

The Aspire Business Mastery Program brings together all of the business strategies, systems, and processes required to ensure positive change to your general contracting business and your life. Re-engineering your business for profitability combines continuous coaching, in-person classes, original Aspire industry content, financial analysis, custom templates, and personalized tools that have helped thousands of General Construction businesses find the success they have often chased for years.

Real-time residential contractor coaching that works. Period.

When you become part of our Business Mastery Program, your entire management team receives the coaching, classes, and customized resources to support each department’s needs – from estimating, production, and project management, to marketing, sales, and staffing. Together, the whole is greater than the sum of each part – contributing smoothly to a much more profitable, less stressful business.

Guaranteed higher profits to your business.

We guarantee to increase your profit by at least double the cost of the Aspire Program.

  • Show Answer Real-Time Construction Business Coaching.
  • In-person training classes for you and your team or family are included at no additional cost. We host our Owner One, Owner Two, and Master Classes throughout the year – which you can register for in advance. All Classes are held at our office in beautiful Sandpoint, Idaho – just north of Coeur d’Alene and next door to Schweitzer Mountain ski resort and recreational Lake Pend Oreille – the fifth largest lake in the U.S.

    Class topics include Winning Business Strategy, Competitive Differentiation, Leadership, Decision-Making, Finance, Customer Segmentation, Branding, Relationship & Digital Marketing, Sales Process, Recruiting & Hiring, Employee Engagement & Retention, Compensation & Benefit Plans, Exit and Succession Planning, and more.
  • Running your business by the numbers is critical to reaching your goals. Our Aspire Intelligence system, or AI takes simple input from you and creates a powerful visual management system that lets you and your team see how your business is operating in a visual way. The AI shows you clearly what is working, what is not, what’s ahead of schedule, what is slipping – and why – so that you can proactively address the root cause.

    When you join Aspire’s Business Mastery program, we customize the AI specifically to your business needs, goals, and style. You are in control of your business at all times – from any device in the world. 

    It’s always-on, personalized business intelligence at your fingertips with real-time coaching support. Again, your customized AI system is part of our program at no additional cost.

The program that improves your business performance


Sandpoint Idaho

About Client Classes

After becoming a Client of Aspire, you will participate in our Client Classes at our headquarters in Sandpoint, Idaho. In addition to participating in classes, you will have one on one meetings with your Coach, access to the entire coaching team, and the opportunity to meet other Clients who are also working to improve their businesses through the same process. The classes are sequential and cumulative, designed to support and enhance the strategies you are implementing with your Coach.

  • Show Answer Owner Class One
    • Oct 9-11, 2024

    This class series is designed for those who have completed Owner Class One Series and have been in our coaching program for six months or more. While these classes introduce new topics, they also build upon previously established best practices and key topics. Classes allow for increased discussion, sharing of best practices, and in-depth focus on how content specifically relates to your company. Attendees will refine Pillar Progressions and Strategic Action Plans to help guide the coaching experience. Classes are aimed at ownership and senior management employees. Owner Class Two is offered twice a year in the spring and fall.

    Class details
    > Efficient Project Management
    This class introduces Virtuous Cycles and Doom Loops and how to create momentum through intentional and habitual actions
    • Brainstorm what you should add to your Feedback Loops
    • Learn about accountability tools
    > Business Modeling and Forecasting
    Increase the understanding of your business model by recognizing how Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are used to identify areas of improvement and assist you in managing and tracking progress. Understand how the Pillar Progression’s regular and consistent use relates to your Strategic Plan’s intended outcomes.
    • Use KPIs to identify areas for improvement.
    • Complete a business assessment using the Pillar Progression to track progress and identify improvement areas.
    • Refine and adjust your business model and target goals to better manage progress.
    > Cash Flow Planning and Budgeting
    This class is designed to integrate and utilize Aspire tools for optimal marketing performance. You will learn how to connect these tools to streamline your marketing. Learn how to leverage the Cash Flow Tool and AI to develop targeted marketing budgets and drive growth.
    • Learn to connect the Aspire tools – AI, Cash Flow Tool, Client Journey, and Strategic Action Plan
    • Use Cash Flow tool and AI to build out marketing budgets based on target job mix
    • Learn to track and manage results of advertising spend
    • Learn to use cash flow projections to better manage sales, estimating, production, and business management processes
    > Building a Sales Funnel to Capture Your Ideal Client
    This class introduces how to use lead magnets to attract the type of leads your company desires. Develop customized content to assist in moving leads through the sales funnel process.
    • Introduce the concept of using lead magnets to attract targeted leads.
    • Develop content that resonates with the ideal client.
    • Develop sales funnels to move leads into the sales process.
    > Beyond Client First Impressions
    Revisit the importance of responding to clients promptly, measuring progress made, and determining realistic next steps. Identify how to take client interactions to the next level.
    • Compare statistics and improvement from Owner Class One to Owner Class Two.
    • Review the importance of responding to clients in a timely manner.
    • Identify strategies to improve within your company.
    > Customize to Optimize Your Sales Process
    This class will provide the opportunity for you to review your current sales process and materials by tracking each step through the Aspire process. Identify where and how to improve your Killer Sales Proposal (KSP) and further build out resources by job type.
    • Review the sales process established in Owner Class One.
    • Identify where and how to improve your current KSP.
    • Track each step in the sales process.
    • Track the steps within the sales process by job type.
    • Identify steps that need to be added or deleted to your sales process.
    > Building The Right Comp Plans for Your Team
    Increase understanding of the different types of compensation plans and how those plans can be used to motivate individuals, your team, and your bottom line. Walk away from this class with the ability to implement effective comp plans for your team.
    • Increase your knowledge of the different types of comp plans.
    • Understand how comp plans can make a positive impact on gross profit.
    • Increase your awareness of the relationship between comp plans and motivation.
    • Learn how to use comp plans as a tool to lead your team.
    • Increase understanding of how to build a comp plan for your team that benefits both the company and the employee.
    > Fine Tuning Your Estimating Process
    Use your Profit & Loss to better understand what job costs should be in your estimating process. Identify trends that emerge from your AI Dashboard and head off issues before they arise.
    • Increase your awareness of costs that need to be accounted for “above the line” in estimates.
    • Demonstrate the importance of keeping the Labor Burden Calculator current.
    • Increase your understanding of how the correct use of Job Costing can result in more accurate estimations.
    • Increase your understanding of trends that emerge from your AI Dashboard.
    • Identify how to locate potential issues before they arise.
    • Identify strategies for resolving potential issues using Aspire tools & resources.
    > Efficient Project Management
    Gain an understanding of effective and consistent communication with your team, Trade Partners, and clients. Develop processes from top to bottom to ensure great communication.
    • Increase your understanding of why and how effective and consistent internal communication is important.
    • Define what effective and consistent communication looks like.
    • Provide strategies and techniques for effective communication.
    • Increase your awareness of how to positively communicate with clients.
    > Leading Your Team
    Increase knowledge of leadership styles, including how your style impacts your team. Identify areas for leadership improvement, how and when to adapt as a leader, and learn how to develop a consistent process for team development.
    • Identify your leadership style and how it relates to other styles.
    • Develop the ability to adapt leadership styles when needed.
    • Increase awareness of the company team, including how to motivate and lead that team.
    • Develop a consistent process for team development.
    > Time Management
    Review your current time management practices and determine how to take immediate action to buy back time. Leave this class with a realistic and tangible process that you are able to implement using the strategies and resources provided.
    • Learn to have a good work-life balance through proper time management.
    • Increase your understanding of how managing time can improve efficiency.
    • Provide strategies and resources for improving time management.
    • Aug 8-9, 2024

    This class is for Clients that have attended Owner Classes One and Two and have been successful in leveling up their businesses and are now ready to focus on higher-level business practices as well as looking to the future both for their business and personal lives. Master Class is designed to be much more interactive, with discussions and collaboration. We celebrate Clients’ successes and help you improve to reach the next level of success. The topics in Master Class are designed for long-term success, both business and personal. Classes are aimed at ownership and senior management employees. Master Class is offered once a year in August at our office in Sandpoint, ID.

    Class details
    > Powerful Contractor Decision Making
    Everyone can become a better decision-maker and problem solver, and every decision-maker must make decisions with inadequate or insufficient data. Learning how to break down problems using a logical framework is a powerful tool and the key to great decision-making.
    • Learn the art of high-performance decision-making.
    • Learn how Game Theory is used in the modeling of conflict and cooperation to achieve the best outcome for any given decision.
    • Real-life interactive exercises and discussions to better understand how to apply great decision-making tools in your daily life.
    > Wealth Management
    Develop a plan for your future, understand your starting point and end goal and build a strategic plan to ensure you achieve your retirement goal at your chosen time.
    • Review your current situation and prioritize your goals.
    • Identify potential opportunities, risks, and costs.
    • Create a plan for the future.
    > Website Review
    Gain a deeper understanding of best practices for online content and how to effectively differentiate your company and become the thought leader in your market through online storytelling.
    • Review web content and identify areas you can refine your content to better connect with your ideal clients.
    • Learn to use your story to build credibility and be known as the expert in your field.
    • Become the thought leader in your market.
    > Virtuous Cycles and Doom Loops; How to Keep Improving Without Slipping Backward
    Learn how both virtuous cycles and doom loops can compound and either help or hurt your business. Understanding how to continue the “Flywheel” effect of a virtuous cycle and how to stop doom loops quickly is critical to your business success.
    • Identify characteristics of virtuous cycles and how to build on them.
    • Understand the characteristics of doom loops and how to stop them quickly.
    • Real-world examples of both virtuous cycles and doom loops, including discussion and interactive portions to promptly identify and adjust your processes to ensure a great outcome.
    > Employee Development
    Developing and improving your team is important for company success. Having a clear path of growth for each employee will keep them focused and motivated to be productive team members. This class will help you develop processes with clear steps to develop and manage employee growth.
    • Develop clear job duties and responsibilities where each employee is now and what steps/training is needed to advance.
    • Better understand each employee’s ability, growth potential, and goals.
    • Learn to coach your team to improve and develop.
    > Budgeting and Planning
    Planning for the future, what are your 5-year goals? How much do you want to work, how much do you want to make, and what is your business and staffing model to achieve that? In this class, we will introduce the Aspire Budgeting tool and plan for the future.
    • Calculate and anticipate costs and ensure you have the cash flow for growth both in staff and in equipment.
    • Refine your projections using current and projected AI numbers to know what you need to reach your goals.
    • Learn to factor in taxes and debt service to have the cash flow you need.
    > Succession Planning
    One thing is certain, you can’t do this forever. What is your exit strategy? Sell the company, develop a GM to run the company, find and train a successor? There are many different options; it takes time to build and refine a plan. You must understand all options and time needed to ensure you have the best plan for yourself and your company.
    • Understand what it takes to sell a Construction company.
    • Learn how to develop a second in command that can run the day-to-day operations.
    • Strategies to develop a GM and build a Succession plan over time.
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Frequently Asked Questions

We guarantee in writing that you will achieve the higher profitability and business success you deserve. In doing so, Aspire helps you achieve a higher quality of life with the financial freedom to pursue your dreams – all with less stress and more time back.

  • Lasting change takes time. We find two years is optimum for personal coaching across your profit goals, cash flow, ideal job mix, marketing, sales, and staffing processes. It also ensures that everyone on your management team can attend training and coaching through Owner Class One and Owner Class Two.
  • Absolutely! Aspire provides a written guarantee that our Program will increase your profitability by more than double our cost.
  • Each company has its own dedicated personal coach who will be deeply experienced in managing and building profitable contractor businesses. With no limits on the amount of coaching each client receives.
  • All Owner Class One, Owner Class Two, and Master Class Series are held at our home office training facility in Sandpoint, Idaho. You may send any employee to any class. You may repeat classes for a refresher at no additional cost. Clients cover their own travel and lodging to attend classes. Webinars and other educational forums are also part of the Program.
  • Our AI dashboard is a real-time, customized business intelligence system where you set and track your business and profitability goals. It's personalized to your company's needs and preferences from the Program's start and can be modified as your business evolves.
  • Clients can access an impressive and comprehensive list of ready-made and customizable forms, templates, systems, and tools covering everything from a labor rate analysis and job mix calculator to marketing tools, sales templates, estimating tools, production processes, and templates, and hiring/onboarding guides.

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