Business Strategy for Contractors

Business Strategy for Contractors


Why you need one and the difference between tactics & strategy

Builders and remodelers are doers, by nature and by profession; executors of a clear and complete set of plans. Okay, only kidding about the clear and complete part, but plans nonetheless. As such, contractors excel in using the right tools and tactics to execute a plan. Focusing on execution tactics works well in building but is incomplete when applied to building a business. While building involves a ton of strategy, most of that strategy skews toward execution. The “Vision” is not usually under control of the builder. However, in the contractor’s business there is no plan to execute until the contractor creates one. This paper is designed to help contractors understand and implement business strategies that will get them all the way to their business goals.

Contractors too often attempt to reach their business objectives only by applying tactics, resulting in a “try this, try that” approach. Let’s imagine that you have decided to climb the Grand Teton in Wyoming with a clear vision of reaching the summit. You are an outdoors person, having done plenty of hiking, hunting, backpacking and even some rock climbing. Would you just drive to the base of the mountain, park your car, grab your backpack filled with things you think might be needed for the climb and start heading up the mountain? Let’s hope not.

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“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” Sun Tzu – The Art of War

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