We are The Aspire Institute

We are The Aspire Institute

Our focus is the business and personal success of residential general contractors.

Aspire is a business training and coaching firm designed exclusively for home remodelers and custom builders where we have deep, hands-on experience. We combine our General Contractor specific training, business coaching, financial, sales, and marketing expertise to help General Contractors achieve next-level profitability and higher quality of life.

Aspire has helped thousands of General Contractors improve and refine their business to achieve their dreams with our powerful and proven coaching and training process.

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About The Aspire Institute
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Remember those dreams you had the day you opened your business? Were your dreams to provide a special lifestyle for your family? Dreams of leading a team of passionate people doing meaningful work? Dreams of a retirement with wealth and dignity at the time of your choosing?

You are closer than you think to every bit of that! A toolbox does not ensure a capable construction professional. A checkbook does not ensure a capable business operator. There’s as much to learn about running your business as there is to perfecting your craft.

Without applying business knowledge to your construction business, your bright and shiny dreams are replaced by working too hard for too little for too long. We will help you start living your best life – with more money, more time and less stress.

Find out what Aspire can do for you! Talk to us about a one-day Business Owners Workshop or our two-year Business Mastery Program.

Our Founder’s Story

Hi, my name is Ken Brookings. I’m the Founder and Chairman of Aspire. I grew up in the general contracting business. My father took great pride in his work. But, he never learned anything about business side.

As a result I grew up poor. Very poor. My father died just as I was graduating from high school. I tried to continue the family business, but there really wasn’t anything to continue.

Later in life and working in a different industry altogether, I learned what business was really about. That’s when I realized that the problem wasn’t the construction industry. Quite the opposite, actually. It was that my father was trying to be a contractor without having any idea how to run a business. He could nail wood, but couldn’t nail his numbers. He didn’t even know what financial targets to aim for, and why.

As a result, he worked way too hard, for way too long for way too little — and died doing it.

Meanwhile, I paid my way through college and spent many years learning engineering, psychology and business.

My college Economics Professor connected me with a Fortune 500 blue-chip company. By my 28th birthday, I had become Corporate Vice President there. Here’s what I learned: Big paychecks are good for the ego, but the work felt meaningless to me. That’s because nothing changed as a result of my work, particularly people’s lives.

So I left BigCorp and became a Business Strategy and Marketing Consultant at some of America’s greatest companies: Goodyear Tire, Hewlett-Packard, Texas Instruments, Firestone, and Apple just to to name a few. I consulted at the highest executive levels, but quickly learned that this kind of Big Company work is even less satisfying than working in one!

Then I discovered what I really cared about. Helping smaller businesses, like my dad’s, to grow, thrive and prosper. Now, I could witness, firsthand, the difference that I could make to the lives of small business owners, their families and teams – by teaching them important business strategy fundmentals to put them on the path to prosperity. Giving them a better life than my dad who had worked so hard for so little.

Building homes and creating beautiful new rooms is such noble work — you change lives and fulfil dreams. You make the spaces where families and friends make the memories of their lives. The fact that Aspire does the same for the General Contractors is more gratifying than words can express. But it’s why we do what we do – and we all love doing it.

Over the decades, we have developed a proven business prosperity model called The Aspire Method™. It ensures that we don’t waste your time or well-earned money. It’s not happy talk, silver bullets, or motherhood and apple pie. It’s not about telling you things you already know. No, we dig deep into your business, roll up our sleeves, teach you the secrets of profitability (not revenue, sales and more jobs!), and implement a new level of expertise that will take your homebuilding and remodeling business to the next level.

I know it may sound unbelievable. But I’m asking you to be open-minded and think differently. You don’t have to be limited by old beliefs that the only way to get ahead is to take on more and more jobs, and work harder. By partnering with Aspire, you will enjoy a substantial lift in your profits that you never thought possible. The money you’ll make and KEEP will far exceed the cost of participating in our Business Mastery Program.

We will enhance your life – and that’s what we live for.

Ken Brookings

Ken Brookings - Founder and Chairman of Aspire

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