Why Contractors Take Bad Jobs

Why Contractors Take Bad Jobs


Ever lose money on a job? You can avoid it!

Here’s how.

It happens. Whether the market is good or bad, a job is going to come your way that is going to ultimately result in either no or negative profit.

At Aspire, we have seen this frequently from our clients since the start, especially when they have a business model that is focused on generating revenue instead of on Average Gross Margins. Often, a contractor has no idea that they’ve taken a “loser job” until it’s too late to go back and has to work far too hard to minimize the loss or hopefully break even. This happens most commonly when a contractor has the wrong kind of marketing (word of mouth is only a small part, and can sometimes even result in more loser jobs!) or is focused on winning bids. When these things are true, sometimes they won’t even realize they’ve taken a loser job at all.

In this report you’ll learn about:

  • How your business model could be helping you avoid bad jobs and attract good ones
  • How your pricing strategy is forcing you to take bad jobs
  • Working on your business instead of in your business
  • The value of keeping busy versus the value of making profit
  • 5 factors that often result in taking bad jobs

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We make it our business to know how to optimize your business model to maximize your profits and reduce your stress, and an important part of that is understanding how to recognize and avoid loser jobs. This white paper will shed light on why contractors take bad jobs and how to not only avoid them, but how to find more of the right kind.
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