Building Relationships & Revenue: Marketing for Remodelers & New Home Builders

In the face of economic uncertainty, it's time to double down on marketing, not pull back!

While some businesses batten down the hatches, smart Residential Remodelers and New Home Builders know that a downturn is the perfect opportunity to solidify client relationships, stand out from the crowd, and boost your bottom line. But how do you create a marketing strategy that truly works? How do you ensure it's hitting the right spots and resonating with your audience?

Let’s break down marketing strategy into pieces that we can execute and measure. Connecting with the client, qualifying quality leads, tracking leads through the sales funnel, and making sure these efforts pay off in increased gross profits.

Think of it like building a house: You wouldn't throw up walls without a blueprint, would you? Your marketing strategy is your blueprint for success. It needs to be strategic, measurable, and focused on the right outcomes.

Building A Home Is Transformational, Market To That Emotion.

When you’re doing something transformational, like building your dream home or remodeling your home to fit what you always imagined it could be, it’s very emotional. Your marketing needs to tap into that emotional core. Tell stories, showcase stunning transformations, and highlight the positive impact you have on families' lives.

Your website and your conversations all need to be laced with compelling stories that let your clients know why you're passionate about what you do. These stories not only communicate your value but also create a connection that stays with the client. Because, in the end, it's those emotional connections that truly count.

Quality Leads: Fish for Big Ones, Not Chum

Now, let’s talk about leads. You’ll get leads that are reactive, that call you, and show up in your inbox. Some leads are just window shoppers, while others understand your value and they are looking at exactly what you have to offer. Targeted leads are looking for the kind of service and quality you’re offering, and they understand your UVP or Unique Value Proposition (how you’re differentiating yourself in the marketplace).

The difference between targeted and reactive leads is that targeted leads are like fly fishing. I want that fish right there versus dragging a net across the bottom of the lake and sifting through whatever’s in there. You’ll get fish either way. But one, you have to sort through boots and tires and trash.

You don't want to waste time sifting through boots and trash, do you? Targeted leads maximize your profits because they are the ones you're aiming for, the ones who understand your worth beyond just the price tag.

Track Your Progress: Know Where You're Going (and How Much it Costs)

Marketing is an investment, and every investment needs a return. Track your leads, from initial contact to closed deals, and analyze the cost per lead and gross profit per job. This data is your roadmap to success, guiding you to optimize your efforts and maximize your ROI.

Make Every Dollar Count: Invest in Strategies that Drive Gross Profit

Forget vanity metrics like website traffic or social media followers. Focus on what matters most: increased gross profit. Your marketing budget should be laser-focused on generating qualified leads that convert into high-value projects.

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