We Can Build Back Better Together

An editorial from Ken Brookings, Aspire’s Founder and Chairman

So how is your 2020 going so far?  Depending on your location and business practices things might range from lots of work but a shrinking backlog to little work and no good way to reach new clients.  Any informed rational analysis indicates things may be on a downward slide for many months. Tired of lockdowns, sick of no access to things to do, deprived of your normal social patterns?  Yep, 2020 has been a disaster for many and unpleasant for most.

However, there is a real upside to this – really.

How many of us can look back at a disastrous turn and now realize it was the best thing that could have happened.  A lot of successful contractors became contractors after losing or leaving their jobs working for someone else. Allow me to use an analogy.

Some of this planet’s most amazing trees can only achieve their true destiny, can only reach their potential, because they have been in a forest fire. The mighty Redwood trees (and many other types of trees) must have the heat of a forest fire to open their cones enough to allow its seeds to germinate. Other trees need the underbrush to be cleared out to become healthy.

Some other trees need other tree types competing for the same rays of sunlight to burn away to allow enough space for the sun to nurture some trees. Its those disastrous forest fires that make possible the lushest and healthy forests and the tallest and most healthy trees.

It can be impossible to see the best path through the woods until the underbrush has been burned off.

So it is with our businesses and our lives. Suddenly we can see, often for the first time, that the path we were following was NEVER going to make our dreams come true. This intersection of pandemic and deep recession can’t be good when it’s happening to us but it can provide the impetus and opportunity to finally embrace changes with purpose and enthusiasm – changes that can serve us for the better for the rest of our lives. Its time to get rid of the old baggage that we have been dragging through our work and personal life.

You have my commitment and the commitment of the entire Aspire team that we will match or exceed your level of commitment to a different future.

There is a somewhat generic strategy that will fit most of you. That strategy is highlighted by these steps;

  1. Generate and execute good projects now, regardless of economy and pandemics.
  2. Maximize gross margins to make more money with less work.
  3. Stay nimble for quick adjustment to the rapidly changing contracting marketplace.
  4. Get your team trained on the same mission and trained up to execute their part.
  5. Blow the doors off your competition with a superior and disciplined approach to this volatile marketplace.
  6. As things stabilize move to your long term, high margin, lifestyle-friendly, sustainable business model.

We’re ready – if you are too then let’s use current events to our advantage and Build Back Better.

Stay safe and prosperous!

Ken Brookings
Founder & Chairman
The Aspire Institute

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