Kevin Braziel

Very good and well organized presentation. Lots of information and a genuine interest in enhancing profitibiity for the client through proven anaytical methods. A great refresher for even a successful builder with 44 years of experience.

Scotty Roper

I believe it was an outstanding workshop. I plan on signing up relative soon

Russell Burton

My wife and I attended a training held by Aspire in Denver this past week. I have been in construction for over 40 years and our current company has been building Custom Homes since 2008. Both of us were impressed with the information Fred provided and we could see the value of working with his Team to assist us in moving to the next Level. We would recommend this program to anyone wanting to further their building company.

Aaron Reynolds

I attended one of their seminars and it was very insightful in how one should look at your business operation and ensure you're running a profitable operation. Fred is very easy going and personable and is a great teacher to listen to. I'd highly recommend going through their seminar to give your construction business a check up and wake up call.

Steve Merrill

I found the class to be informative and a good value for the money. I think any smaller sized general contractor would find their information helpful and worth consideration. I am very much considering getting involved with some of their other services. I also appreciated that their is not a hard sell to sign up for their program, they seem to have a general interest in making contractors more aware of common mistakes that many of us seem to make.

Ross Meade

Learned a lot. Great information and a class act!

Justin&Bergen Teschner

We pretty much received a two year MBA degree in three days. With the criteria so builder specific, we can implement these practices immediately. They know the industry, they know it well. If you need to find a source that can keep your business fresh, trending with the latest markets, website optimization, sales, marketing, estimating, hiring/managing employees, software usages, production improvement, increasing your margins, and the list goes on and on. Aspire Ins. is it!

Tori Blommer-O'Malley

Excellent class. Informative. Engaging. Very applicable to our business. Worth attending

Allison Chetakian

I had an amazing experience at The Aspire Institute's business retreat. Just spending two days with their team added tremendous value to my company. Their coaching is extremely specific and they provide nuanced information due to their extensive knowledge related to the pitfalls of the construction industry. I am keen to make use of their other products and services due to the return on investment being immediate and measurable.

Andrew Burton

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